Simplifying the Gospel via Chiasm

Hebrew poetry often uses a device called a chiasm. It’s where the items are structured A B B’ A’ being mirrored around a central point. Example:

His mighty hand has saved us.
We are redeemed by His marvelous power!

A: His mighty hand
B: Salvation
B’ Redemption
A’ His marvelous power

Interpretation: the beginning end and middle are emphasized. God’s salvation is here coupled with the idea of redemption. So God’s Salvation is a saving act. And the way that we are redemptively saved is by the mighty and powerful work of God.

I have a chiasm for the Gospel that I wrote last night after talking with my Grandmother, who I ask for prayer that she would come to understand the Gospel is not about earning salvation, but accepting God’s free gift He gave through Jesus Christ.

This is a simple chiasm of the Gospel.

God made us
We revolted
God loved us
And sent Jesus.
Whoever trusts Him
And repents
By serving Him
Will be saved.

It can also be put in this modified Chiastic form. A B C D C’ B’ A’ = E

And sent Jesus

         God loved us—|-Whoever trusts Him

              We revolted————–|————————-And repents

          God made us———————–|—————————-By Serving Him

Will be saved.


God made us–God is good and created everything good. We human beings were made in His image and likeness to represent Him in ruling the earth, and to worship Him and love Him. (Genesis 1:1-2:3)

We revolted— But the Evil One tempted us to become our own god, and to serve ourselves, so we have all disobeyed God and sought to rule our own life on this earth, instead of submitting to Him.(Genesis 2:4-4:26)

God loved us— God was loyal to us and made up his mind to redeem all that was redeemable because we are His creatures, and His offspring captive and blinded by the Evil One. (The whole Old Testament)

And sent Jesus–So God sent His only begotten Son, sending Himself, as a human being like us, and he was tempted as we were, but did not fail, and was crucified, and the third day was raised to life. (The Gospels)

Whoever trusts Him— Whoever looks to Jesus to be his substitution and with the whole heart cries out to God for Him to save him, because he accepts the truth that God loves him. (The Gospels and Epistles)

And repents— And he who gives up his rebellion against God, and ceases to be his own ruler, his own god, and instead claims Jesus as his Lord, and decides to submit wholly to Him. (The Gospels and Epistles)

By serving Him–And out of Love for Him, worship’s him, and lives to honor Him by doing the good works which he was originally created to do: to rule as a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. (The Gospels and Epistles)

Will be saved— When wrath comes upon the disobedient, this one will be found in right relationship with God, because He knows Him, He has trusted Him, and He has done His Will. (The whole New Testament)



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