A Sun and a Planet ~ A Love Poem

Ah Sister Sun!
Ye lofty gleam
Illuminating every color
Soft blue your choice of setting

How many planets
Rove dismal paths
Set in a course through the universe
Seeking a place to call their home

Though many stars
Shine bright but far
So many places the orb could circle
If only for a little while

But only one
Has the size and spin
To keep the planet near
So that life can grow

And though she set
Weary and needing rest
Still her warmth stays close
Enveloped in the blanket of faithfulness

For many stars
Peep out and twinkle
Filling darkness with cold lights
Giving only stories to tell by the fire

Until the day
Returning in the East
When my beloved rises from her bed.
To grace my face that brightens as she fills my eyes.



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