Sickness: a battle for rest

Rest is one way to get better from sickness.
But why?
Doesn’t it just let sickness catch up to you?
No, it lets healing catch up with you.

We are all running at some time in our life or another
We run from God, from silence, from the truth, from danger
From responsibility, from discomfort, from brokenness.
But it is when you are still the battleground is agreed upon.

Back beats the bogging foe, bellowing like a beast of burden.
Forth frustrated faith frenzies neath the sheets extinguish fires.
Weird dreams cascade sensibly in a feverish mind.
The captives of rest foregone too long are liberated in sweat.

And now the drum-beat slows– the throbbing pulse in my head abates:
The afterglow of an evening sunset as the rains clear away the fog
The creativity is a part of the healing
And the sickness is a return to using it.



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