To One who Hates God

When he started channelling his hatred veiled toward me. I know it was not me he was hating, but the one revealed through me. With the filling of the Holy Spirit, I knew the One in me needed to meet the one in him.

Who are you?

I am Jesus whom you are persecuting.

I hate you.

If you hate my Father, you are indeed deceived. He loves you.

If God loves me, then why did He make me gay? Why did he never rescue me from the evil things that happened to me at the hands of your own people.

The answers are too big for you, but if you will follow me, I will show you the pieces that you need to know. I gave my life for you 2000 years ago. What more will it take? Do you need to see my followers suffering the same as me?

All Christians I have met are evil.

Here is a way you can tell if someone is a follower of me. If he’s not taking up his cross, living a life of sacrificial love and service for others, he is not following me. I had to give my life to prove how much I love you. My followers are those who are willing to do the same.


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