The Secret to Slowing Time

Now that I am exiting another stage of life, Time has locked into high gear for me. Days are an afterthought. Weeks gone in a blink. In a flash the months are past. I anticipate time will only continue to accelerate.

I know time hasn’t budged. It continues to grind at the same pace it has with a few variations of years being seconds longer or shorter. I know the change is within me. What has caused me to feel time has sped up?

I believe I have found the brake pedal and the gas pedal for time. Why do children feel like every day is an eternity, and most adults feel like it is a blur? This equation helped me find the answer:

Requirements speed up time
Retirements slow it down

Ask any retired person, their days crawl by just like a child’s does. When in the working world however, our time is being poured out into the mold of those who require things of us. Our present is thinned to a narrow strip between what just happened and what is needing to happen in the next minutes.

Present time is the greatest gift we have: and the celebration of that present gift is rest. Responsibly rejecting the requirements of a person for a time, and enjoying the gift of doing nothing of required consequence allows a person to be real with themselves, and most importantly with God. This is what makes rest an act of worship which just happens to be prescribed in the Ten Commandments.

Think about it: Why do you work? Why do you do anything? Is it not a reflection of your belief about the God who you worship? If you believe God is always working, then you will never give yourself a break. If however, your design is patterned after a God who rests occasionally, should that not inform your decisions concerning your own rest?

Genesis 2:2–“On the seventh day God rested.”

The Lord has made us after the pattern of His likeness with eternity in our hearts. It is Eternity that we step into whenever we rest from our labor. The silence, the stillness, the sweet release of tension– These are the gift of God to a body worn down by time’s millstone march.

This Christmas season, take time to rest. Enjoy the gift of eternity that God has given you, and see what your heart is just waiting to release as part of the tension you have built up over time.

This post was a result of resting.


Imaginations of a Stressed Mind

I see a man with his face to the sky.
It is covered with ink or something like glass or oil or marble.
His face is gaping open eyed. He is appalled.
This is how I feel.
Smeared of face, open eyes but seeing nothing.
Staring up and paralyzed by a grip of something horrendous that has happened to me.

I am going up a futile hill.
Like Hammy from “Over the Hedge.”
My shoulder’s slump. I am dejected. “Steve is angry.”
I am a little kid who doesn’t know what he’s facing is some kind of bush.
I just know “It never ends,” and “It never ends that way too.”

A beach
Where the pink sunset makes the sky look lavender purple
As the soft tropical breeze blows alongside me in my loose t-shirt.
My wife is there, and we are so deeply, richly, madly in love.
Just listening to the waves and letting all the buzz-fires of our embracing take us places.
We are on the porch and now the golden light is on behind us to our right.
Is it time to go in to the dining hall, where there are other guests?

A fragment of a picture on canvas sliced diagonally imperfectly creating an un-equilateral, irregular triangle, pointing up in the mist.
The point of the picture is black into white.
The picture itself is a dark portion.
It is pretty sizable, though not relatively measured.
It is something of the picture of a woman in a light white dress.
The woman is not visible, perhaps because of the mist, or because the picture being destroyed.
My ideal is not visible, but hopefully wrought in the parts I cannot see.
Where is the rest of it?
Below ground.
Dig deeper into the earth and you’ll uncover it.

Funnel swirling liquid down.
The imagination plays by its own rules.
The mind is instructed, and I wait for the interpretation without seeking it out.
And it comes.