The Syrian Proxy War: Solution

I figured out how to end the Syrian proxy war.

  • Solution for the United States: Only attack ISIS.
  • The only way to handle a big complex problem is a small simple solution. Otherwise you only add to the problem.
  • You will either do one thing, or you will accomplish nothing.
  • You must pick one enemy to fight, and expose your side to the others in the war. You will be saying, “I am not guarding against you, because you are not my enemy.”
  • The nations who watch will be tempted to utilize your vulnerability against you, but usually trust brings out the good in people which secrecy allows to hide.
  • Pick one enemy. The world will not be fault you for attacking the same organized people who attacked Paris and your own nation, and who have behead Christians.
  • What’s more, United Sates, you must pick this one enemy which you had a part in making, because of your involvement with Iraq. ISIS is a monster you helped make. Take responsibility in destroying it.
  • Once ISIS is removed from the equation, start talks of truce.
  • Once the war is over, the Syrian refugees may return home.
  • Then you must turn your attention to your own borders and wipe out the Islamic Extremists that have infiltrated this country.
  • To not attack evil is to harm what is good.
  • To make peace when the real enemy is still at large is premature.
  • So do it, United States. Focus your attack on ISIS. Expose your side to the others. They will stay out of your way, and even if they don’t, turn the other cheek.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Tornados in Oklahoma; A Burden for America

Oklahoma got hit by tornadoes.
There was a sign reported on the news:
A cross hanging on power lines.
A woman said. “God is with us.”
This is my interpretation.

A cross hangs from the power-lines
Lifted unlit by the sun brightened clouds
The judgment of a nation brought down from the sky
Stopped short at the suffering servant raised up
Before the swirling torrent of the Heavens
Which could touch the land with fingers
Not a fist.
There are intercessors fitting into His palm.
Who pray that His hand might open.
He is good. But will He find faith upon the earth?

To you who pray for God to bless America, and to have mercy on us, but are unwilling to get involved, I have this word against you.

Why do you pray
And ask Me for things
When you are unwilling
To do anything
As a part of the solution?
Who do you think I am?
Who do you think you are?